Fairfield Road South Culvert Replacement

Fairfield Road Culvert

Project Background

The Fairfield Road south culvert carries the roadway over East Branch Brothers Brook. The proposed project involves the replacement of the culvert and upgrades to the hydraulic opening of the bridge. Based on deficiencies found during the most recent inspection of the culvert, the bridge was given a poor condition rating due to significant repairs required on the headwalls and culvert. It is recommended that the bridge should be replaced to avoid road closure and any associated traffic impacts. 

Timing and Next Steps

The Town submitted a request to the Connecticut Department of Transportation Local Bridge Program to add this culvert to the inventory of bridges. When the bridge is added, an application may be submitted for reimbursement of a percentage of the construction and inspection costs. The percentage for reimbursement varies each year depending on how much grant money is available for that year. Currently, the percentage is 50%. The application will be submitted simultaneously with the preliminary design phase.

Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works Engineering Division is requesting funding for the design phase in Town's 2023-2024 fiscal year budget and the construction phase in the 2024-2025 fiscal year budget. The estimated design cost is $250,000 and the estimated construction and inspection cost is $2,000,000.


Gabriella M. Circosta Cohee, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer
DPW – Engineering Division
Email: gcohee@greenwichct.org
Phone: 203-861-3151