Bike Unit

two on AvenueThe Department's Bike Unit is a year-round unit that patrols the Central Business District (CBD).  The Officers assigned to this duty receive special training in police bike operations.  

The unit consists of four Officers who utilize an e-bicycle to patrol the CBD's often-congested roadways and parking lanes.  The e=bike allows the Officers to respond much more quickly than the post vehicle.  The bike officers perform regular patrol officer duties and are traffic enforcers and community police officers.   They interact with the public daily by alleviating traffic concerns, responding to service calls, or being out in the open and easily approachable to the public.

The Bike Unit works hand in hand with the department's ORCA unit.  When ORCA is investigating a crime in a business, the Bike Unit offers support on the outside, looking for co-conspirators and apprehending the suspects when an arrest is warranted.

4 abreast