Snow Removal

We all know that winter weather can be stressful. Please remember that snowstorm operations take time. Our crews work long hours and do the best they possibly can to safely and quickly clear the roads.

Please take care when driving your car, as plows may still be operating, roads may still be slick, icy, and treacherous.


Plow Routes

The streets are plowed and salted in order of priority. Main (arterial) roads are addressed first with special attention to steep hills and difficult intersections. Side streets (collector) are done next, then local roads and dead-end streets (local) last. Passes will be made on side streets to keep them open, but primary emphasis will be placed on Main and collector roads until the storm has stopped. 

Avoid the second shovel.jpg

Blocked Driveways

All snowplows angle the same way – to the driver’s right. When going by they cannot avoid pushing the snow in front of a driveway. The homeowner is responsible for access to his driveway. As you prepare to clear your driveway, keep in mind that the snow plow will likely return and push snow and ice back up onto your driveway. Most likely AFTER you have shoveled your driveway.  Having to shovel the driveway a second time after the snow plow passes, can be frustrating.  Clear an area before your driveway large enough for the snow coming off the blade to be deposited. We realize this may duplicate your efforts, but it is unavoidable as we make roads safe for travel.  Shoveling your snow to the right hand side (as you look out to the street) may prevent most of your work being "plowed in". The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until DPW crews have completed their final clean up on the street.


In accordance with Town ordinance Greenwich residents and property owners are solely responsible for keeping all sidewalks along their property clear of snow and ice. In order to reduce any liability snow and ice should be removed from sidewalks in a timely fashion. Sand and/or salt should be broadcast as necessary. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians especially school children who walk to school or their bus stop. 

Mailbox Damage

The Town does not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that fall from the force of plowed snow. Mailboxes and supporting posts must be installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the roadside and should be located in such a way as to minimize damage. 

Please note: Mailbox damage must be reported within 24 hours of incident. 

Helpful Mailbox Maintenance Tips 

  • Every Fall, check the integrity of the mailbox post, especially at ground level. 
  • Replace posts that show signs of rot or other deterioration. 
  • Check mailbox and repair or replace loose hinges, doors, repaint, and number. 
  • Suggest to using a 6 by 6 post and tee box connection. Our experience has shown that cantilever mailbox arms, 4 by 4 notched-mortised posts and large mailboxes do not perform well in wet snow events. 

The Town repairs or replaces only mailboxes and/or posts that are actually struck by a plow blade. Usually, a paint mark or truck tire tracks supply evidence of a mailbox strike. In the event a mailbox or post is physically struck by the Town of Greenwich Highway snow plow, the

Town will reimburse the owner up to $100 for the post and/or $100 for the mailbox. The cost of labor is not reimbursable. Mailbox and Post combinations of greater than $200 value are placed at your own risk. Should a mailbox be physically struck by a Town snowplow, a Mailbox Incident and Application Report Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the following address to start the investigation:

Private Plowing

The Town of Greenwich prohibits you or your plowing contractor from pushing snow from driveways or parking lots onto Town streets. This practice is dangerous and impedes the Town's snow removal efforts. If there is no other alternative to pushing snow into the street, the private plow driver must plow off the windrow left across the street by re-plowing until the road is safe. This may not necessarily mean bare pavement, but should be no worse than when the driver began work If you hire someone to assist you with plowing or shoveling your property, please remind them of this rule. 

If you need to call the Highway Department about a legitimate hazard please do so (203-622-7766). We will get to your concern as soon as possible. Please be patient, our crews work long hours and do the best they possibly can to safely and quickly clear the roads.

Greenwich Snow Emergency Regulations