State Code Modification Forms

Request for Modification of the State Building Code 

Applications that request modification of the CT State Building Code must be signed by the Town of Greenwich Building Official prior to being submitted to the State Building Inspector [OSBI]. The OSBI will not accept these forms without this signature. Email your completed application form and related documents [plans and/or photos] to for the Building Officials' review and signature. After it has been reviewed and signed, our office will email your application to the OSBI for processing.

Access the Request for Modification of the State Building form, HERE.

Application Forms That Do Not Require a Review or Signature from the Town Building Official

  1. Request for Accessibility Exemption, access form HERE
  2. Request for Modifications of the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators Form, access form HERE
  3. Request Approval for Inclined Stairway Chairlifts, Vertical or Inclined Wheelchair Lifts and Limited Use, Limited Access Elevators (LULA), access form HERE

These three application forms do not require a review or signature of the Building Official and once completed can be emailed directly to the OSBI for processing at: