Department of Parking Services Surveys

Residential Construction Permit Survey: Seeking Your Opinion 

2023 Residential Parking Permittees:

We are currently developing a policy for Temporary Residential Zone Construction Parking Permits (TRZCPP) within our resident-only permit zones, and we want to ensure that the distribution of permits is fair and that the associated fees are reasonable. Your input is important to us in finding the right balance between the community's needs and this policy's successful implementation.

Please take a few moments to give us your opinion on the proposed policy for construction activities within the residential permit zones. The data collected from this survey will enable us to make informed decisions that reflect the community's preferences.

Please submit your responses by Wednesday, September 13, 2023, to assist us in maintaining your neighborhood's quality of life.

Thank you for your time and your contribution to this important process.

Please take our survey here.