Requirements for Split Shift Workers

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Requirements for Split Shift Poll Workers

Shifts   clock

Shift 1 starts at 5 am and ends at 1 pm

Shift 2 starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm

  Pay                             Money-clipart-transparent-background-free       Pay is split evenly.

Rules- Read Carefully!

Certain poll worker positions are available for split shifts at the Registrars' discretion. 

All split shifts are a team, and they require two people to sign up together and to be accountable to each other. You and your partner must both complete a poll worker application and must both note in the Split Shift Partner box that you want to work split shifts with each other. 

If the morning partner fails to show up, the afternoon partner will be notified and agrees to arrive by 6 am to work the full shift day finishing shortly after 8 pm. 

If the afternoon partner fails to show up, the morning partner agrees to stay for the remainder of the day until shortly after 8 pm. 

All other poll worker requirements apply including mandatory trainings. 


Connecticut law (CGS 9-258(c)) prohibits all poll workers from performing services for any party or candidate on election day and from appearing at any political party headquarters prior to 8 pm on election day.