Outdoor Dining Survey 2022

At the onset of COVID in 2020, Planning and Zoning changed its outdoor dining policies to support businesses while helping to minimize the spread of the virus.  This was done in accordance with the Governor's Executive Orders, CT House Bill #5271, and the Outdoor Dining 2022 Board of Selectman Guidelines. 

Some people have loved the new outdoor spaces and others have not.   Our goal is to re-write our zoning regulations to meet the desires of the community, while continuing to protect public health and safety.   This process will continue to take some time and there will be additional opportunities for public input before any recommendations are put forward this fall.  
The survey is only 10 questions long and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.   If you have any questions or concerns about the survey or about outdoor dining in general,  you can contact Katie.DeLuca@greenwichct.org, Town Planner or Shanice.Becker@greenwichct.org, Planner I. 

Please take our survey here