Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements

December 3, 2018- The Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements has been substantially completed. On Friday, November 30, 2018 temporary paving occurred on Pak Avenue in order to provide a safe driving surface and level areas for snow management. The contractor may return to complete minor items over the next few weeks.

Traffic Update

All roads are now open to pre-construction usage.

Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements (Town Project 14-31) (PDF)

Project Description

The Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements project is a culmination of approximately 10 years of planning, analysis, and design to alleviate flooding and restrictions to emergency services in and around the Old Greenwich downtown area. The project involves the installation of storm drain structures and pipes on:

  • Arcadia Road
  • Highview Avenue
  • In the Vicinity of the Old Greenwich School and on School Property
  • Lockwood Avenue
  • Park Avenue
  • Portions of Sound Beach Avenue

In addition to drainage pipe installation, various catch basins and manholes will be installed, curbing and sidewalk will be replaced in several locations, Park Avenue will be entirely repaved, portions of Sound Beach Avenue, Arcadia Road, Lockwood Avenue and Highview Avenue will be repaved and new pavement markings will be applied.

Project Information

41 new catch basins

29 new manholes

+/- 5,000 linear feet of new drainage pipe

+/- 3,000 linear feet of curb replacement or repair

+/- 7,500 square yards of new pavement