Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements

Traffic Update

Daily road and/or lane closures will occur (as approved by Board of Selectmen) and temporary traffic control devices will be installed to protect motorists and pedestrians. During daytime road closure, local traffic only between 6am and 6pm. In addition, portions of Park Avenue will be will be posted with “NO PARKING BETWEEN 6 AM AND 6 PM” signs and will remain until work is completed.  Other streets outside of Park Avenue will be posted with “NO PARKING BETWEEN 6 AM AND 6 PM” signs prior to work in that specific area. 

Please take notice of the posted signs in the Town’s right-of-way to be sure that vehicles are parked in designated off-street parking areas.  Any vehicles that are not moved will be towed.  It is important for the safety of the public and the contractor’s staff that all pedestrians and drivers obey uniformed traffic personnel and all posted traffic control devices.

Upcoming Schedule

October 15, 2018 through October 26, 2018 – The contractor is currently installing drainage pipes/structures at the intersection of Park Avenue and Arcadia Road. Pipe installation on Highview Avenue is anticipated to be completed during this period and trench pavement restoration on Highview Avenue will begin during this period. Other trench and roadway restoration efforts on Park Avenue and Lockwood Avenue may begin toward the end of this period. The project’s contractor, Grasso Companies, LLC of Norwalk, CT, will be working between 7am – 6pm, Monday through Friday and may work between 9am–5pm on Saturday.

Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements (Town Project 14-31) (PDF)

Project Description

The Old Greenwich Storm Drain Improvements project is a culmination of approximately 10 years of planning, analysis, and design to alleviate flooding and restrictions to emergency services in and around the Old Greenwich downtown area. The project involves the installation of storm drain structures and pipes on:

  • Arcadia Road
  • Highview Avenue
  • In the Vicinity of the Old Greenwich School and on School Property
  • Lockwood Avenue
  • Park Avenue
  • Portions of Sound Beach Avenue

In addition to drainage pipe installation, various catch basins and manholes will be installed, curbing and sidewalk will be replaced in several locations, Park Avenue will be entirely repaved, portions of Sound Beach Avenue, Arcadia Road, Lockwood Avenue and Highview Avenue will be repaved and new pavement markings will be applied.

The Contractor, Grasso Companies, LLC, Norwalk, CT, hasresumed working on the final phases of the project between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.,Monday through Friday and 9a.m. to 5 p.m. on select Saturdays. Initial phasesof the project were completed in November 2017 on the Old Greenwich Schoolproperty, portions of Sound Beach Avenue and through an established drainageeasement on private property between Sound Beach Avenue and Park Avenue. Theremaining work began at the beginning of April 2018.  Pipe installation isanticipated to occur between Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 followed by finalrestoration occurring in Spring 2019.  All dates are dependent on theweather and any unforeseen complications.

Project Information

41 new catch basins

29 new manholes

+/- 5,000 linear feet of new drainage pipe

+/- 3,000 linear feet of curb replacement or repair

+/- 7,500 square yards of new pavement