Fire Safety and Prevention


The Fire Prevention, Inspection, and Investigation consists of the:
  • Fire Marshal
  • Deputy Fire Marshal
  • Fire Inspectors

brushBrush Fire Season

Brush fire season typically begins in early spring before the leaves develop on trees.  The lack of canopy allows the sun to dry out the dead vegetation on the forest floor leaving these combustibles tinder dry and easily ignitable. Once the leaves form on the trees, the threat of a brush fire decreases but is still a real possibility depending on rainfall.  While wildland fires we see out west are less likely in our area, climate change and other factors are causing wildland fires to occur in areas less prone to these types of fires.  Whether a brush, grass, or wildland fire, click on the links below for tips on preventing forest fires and learn about ways to better protect your home from catching fire during these events!

CT DEEP - Forest Fire Prevention Tips

Creating a Defensible Space Around your Home

Links courtesy of Liam Williams, BSA Troop 218

Home Fire Escape Plan

safety plan

It is essential to be prepared by having a family plan for escape from your home should there be a fire.  Click the link to learn more about developing and practicing an escape plan for your home!

Plan your Fire Escape!

Link courtesy of Liam Williams, BSA Troop 218

Arson Reporting/Hotline

The FAIR Plan sponsors the Connecticut Arson Tip Award Program. 

The program offers a reward for those with information leading to the arrest, conviction, or prevention of a fire caused by an act of arson.

The toll free "Arson Hotline" is completely confidential and available 24 hours a day at 1(800) 4ARSON or 1(800) 842-7766

Other information may also be sent to this address:

Arson Tip Award Program
P.O. Box 8614
East Hartford, CT 06128-0614

For additional information or to send an email, click this link!

To contact the State of Connecticut directly, you may send information to:

Emergency Services and Public Protection, State of Connecticut Department of; Division of Public Safety; Suspected Arson Reporting
1111 Country Club Rd
Middletown, CT 06457

For additional information and more contact information, click this link!


For documents including special events permit signing, how the Greenwich Fire Department enforces the Connecticut Fire Safety Codes, permits, inspection checklists, policies, and other related information or documents, please visit the Fire Marshal's Division page.

"The only good fire is the fire that has been prevented."