Engineering & Design Standards

The Engineering Division provides:

  • Professional engineering services for Town Departments, agencies and boards, including the Board of Selectmen as legal Traffic Authority
  • Capital Improvement Projects in-house design and construction inspection
  • Development plan reviews for subdivision and commercial developments
  • Project management of engineering services provided by consulting engineers
  • Construction administrative services and engineering advice on major Town funded projects
  • Inspection of the Town's bridges and dams
  • Multi year Town infrastructure capital plan, including the ten year bridge program for the design and replacement of bridges in poor condition
  • Planning and design of traffic signs, pavement markings, and traffic signals
  • Address citizen concerns related to stormwater management, drainage, traffic control and sidewalks

Standard Construction Details

Link to the Town's standard construction details here.

Town of Greenwich Drainage Manual

Link to the Town's Drainage Manual here.  
This encompasses the low impact development and stormwater management practices to be followed with property development.

Traffic Signs & Regulations

View information related to traffic signs, signals and regulations.

Project Questions

Please call 203-622-7767 if you have questions regarding specific projects. The Division’s Administrative Assistant will endeavor to connect you with the designated project manager.