Trade Permit Application Information

What is a trade permit?

A trade permit is required for electrical work, plumbing work, HVAC work (heating and cooling), and installing a generator.

Trade permits associated with a building permit can be filed:

Trade permits for work not associated with a building permit must be filed in person

  • Office Hours: 8 am -- 1 pm, Monday -- Friday
  • Trade permits that are not associated with a building permit also require:
    • Owner signature
    • Tax stamp
    • Permit fee -- view the permit fee schedule, HERE

*Please note, some trade permits require review and approval by other Town departments. 

Trade permit applications filed and signed by authorized agents per CT PA No. 91 - 95

Trade permit applications that are filed and signed by an authorized agent of the license holder MUST be accompanied by a letter signed by the license holder on their letterhead. The letter MUST be job-specific listing all of the following:

  • Project address
  • Building permit number [if applicable]
  • Authorized agents name
  • Brief description of work
  • Signature of the license holder with the date signed
  • Please include a copy of the license [wallet size preferred].

Helpful Information:

  • To access permit forms, please click HERE
  • To learn what activity requires a trade permit, please click HERE