Steps For Filing a Building Permit In Person

1. Complete the proper permit application form. 

To access forms/applications, click HERE

  • Be sure to fill out both sides of the building permit application form
  • Owner authorization is required on page 2 of the application
  • Complete workman’s comp affidavit 
  • Include 2 sets of construction plans

2. Bring all the documents listed above to Building Inspection’s office in Town Hall.

3. Obtain signature approvals after receiving the signoff sheet and application group number.

Once your application has been evaluated, you will receive a signoff sheet and an application group number. The signoff sheet will direct you to obtain approvals (signatures) from other applicable Town departments.

4. After you have received all signatures from required Town departments, return to Building Inspection’s office and hand in your:

  • Completed signoff (signature) sheet
  • Completed building permit application
  • Completed workers compensation coverage affidavit with permit holders’ notarized signature
  • 2 sets of construction plans

5. Pay permit fee

A permit fee will be calculated at the time of your application submission. Please note, the permit application will NOT be accepted until the permit fee is paid. 

  • Payments are accepted by cash (exact change), check, or credit card.  
  • To view the fee schedule, click HERE.