Steps For Filing a Building Permit Via Email

1. Complete the proper permit application form. 

Access building permit forms/applications, HERE. Be sure to fill out both sides of the form. If you are not sure which form to use email to ask.

2. Complete Workman’s Compensation form 

The Workman's Compensation form is required to be signed by the person indicated as the “permit holder” on the permit application form. 

3. Email required application form/s and Workman's Compensation form  

Email application form/s and Workman's Compensation form to

4. Building Division Staff will review your application

Any missing information will be emailed back to you to complete. 

5. Once your application is complete, a staff member will email you a permit sign-off sheet.

  • This sheet will indicate which Town departments you will need to contact to gain their approval prior to filing your building permit application. Those departments will have a checkmark next to their name. 
  • You as the applicant will be responsible for obtaining these sign-offs either by having the department sign the sheet or by obtaining an email from them indicating their approval by shared email to
  • An appointment may be needed with some departments to obtain their approval / sign‐off. Contact each department for instructions on how to gain their sign‐off by emailing your entire application to each of the checked-off Town departments.

 Contact information for these departments are as follows:

  • Zoning Enforcement Office – 
  •  Environmental Health ‐ 
  • Sewer, DPW – 
  • Highway, DPW – 
  • Inland Wetlands and Watercourse –
  • Tax Collector  ‐ Contact by phone at 203‐622‐7891

6. Email your entire application package once you have obtained all the indicated sign-offs

Once you notify our staff by email to that you have obtained all the indicated sign-offs, email your entire application package, including all Town department sign‐offs, back to bldgpermitapplications@greenwichct.orgNote: if sign-offs are in email form and not on the sign-off sheet please include copies of those emails in the final submission even if they are copied to us.

7. Pay Permit Fee

You will then be directed to do the following:

  1. Mail a check for the permit fee (staff will inform you of the correct permit fee in the email and the mailing address)
  2. Pay the fee by credit card

Do not mail any checks for permit fees for your application until you are instructed to do so by email.