The " " email is no longer in service for scheduling inspections and you will have to schedule using the City Squared portal.

Below are the steps to use City Squared for scheduling an inspection as well as links to tutorials explaining how to register an account and schedule an inspection:

Step 1: Register - To learn how to set up an account with City Squared please click HERE
            (You MUST register an account before scheduling and inspection)
Step 2: Schedule - To learn how to claim a permit & schedule an inspection through City Squared, please click HERE

To access City Squared portal, click HERE.

Helpful tips:
**When scheduling Electrical, Plumbing or HVAC Inspections that are associated with Building Permit --ONLY use the            Building Permit Number. Example:enter 21-1234 not 21-1234E, 21-1234P or 21-1234H for the Permit Number.

**If you only have a Foundation Permit, please schedule under that Permit Number 21-123F.

** If there is Trade Permit with NO Building Permit, schedule under the Trade Permit (note - it will not have a letter after it).

**City Squared is currently live and anything you schedule will be valid and on our schedule to be inspected.

The Building Inspection Division inspects any work (construction or trade) for which a building or trade permit has been issued. These inspections occur at various stages in the construction project. The permit holder must manage and arrange for these inspections at the proper time. Inspections will be made only when the portion of work to be inspected is 100% complete. Please do not request an inspection unless the work is fully ready. You can find out what inspections you need and when to request them by referring to the Stages of Construction Inspections (PDF).