The Building Inspection Division inspects any work (construction or trade) for which a building or trade permit has been issued. These inspections occur at various stages in the construction project. The permit holder must manage and arrange for these inspections at the proper time. Inspections will be made only when the portion of work to be inspected is 100% complete. Please do not call for an inspection unless the work is fully ready. You can find out what inspections you need and when to call for them by referring to the Stages of Construction Inspections (PDF).

All of these inspections and their results are recorded on the Inspection Record Card which is included in the building permit package when the permit is issued. This card is required to be kept at the job site at all times and must be properly posted and accessible during inspections.

Field Inspectors

Field Inspectors are available for questions and are in the office from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

How to Request Inspections

You can request an inspection using a touch-tone phone 24 hours a day through our automated permit management system (Cstone). By following the prompts, this system will allow the caller to request specific inspections by entering a numerical code and to request a specific day for each inspection. There are maximum daily limits that the system will accept for any specific day, so it is suggested that inspections be scheduled in advance. Detailed instructions on the use of this system and the inspections codes are included in the building and/or trade permit package. This system also allows you to check the status or result of an inspection as well as the status of a permit application.

When using this automated system, you will need your permit number and the code for the type of inspection you are requesting. When entering a permit number you will have to enter the two digit year and four digit permit number (i.e.: 11-1234 or 09-1234). See inspection codes (PDF). Not every project will require every inspection on the code list. Only request those inspections that are applicable to your job.

Foundation-Only Permits

If you have received a foundation-only permit, be sure to use the "F" at the end of the permit number when using the automated system (example: 2-999F not 2-999).

Trade Permits Filed Under a Building Permit

If a trade permit is filed under a building permit, it is issued the same permit number as the building permit with the letter E, P, or H at the end. If you are requesting an electrical, plumbing or HVAC inspection, you request it by using the building permit number without the letter (example: 02-999 not 02-999E)

Inspection Requests

Call the Inspection Request Line at 203-622-7772.