The Division is currently making inspections, be advised-the Division's automated phone call-in system is no longer in service. All requests for inspections must me made via email to 

IMPORTANT - Please use the following format when requesting inspections:
Permit Number
Inspection type [s]
Date inspection requested

These email requests will be screened by staff to ensure the job site will be abiding by the recommended CDC social distancing guidelines and the applicant will be contacted by email to verify compliance to same prior to scheduling inspection.

The Building Inspection Division inspects any work (construction or trade) for which a building or trade permit has been issued. These inspections occur at various stages in the construction project. The permit holder must manage and arrange for these inspections at the proper time. Inspections will be made only when the portion of work to be inspected is 100% complete. Please do not request an inspection unless the work is fully ready. You can find out what inspections you need and when to request them by referring to the Stages of Construction Inspections (PDF).