Youth Scholarships

Need financial assistance for your child/children to participate in our youth activities? We can help.

Greenwich Parks and Recreation is committed to making our activities accessible to all youth of Greenwich.  To this end, the Department has established a Youth Scholarship Program which provides financial assistance to qualifying residents.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Greenwich Resident, with an established Parks and Recreation account
  • Parent/legal guardian(s) of the child/children for which you are applying

Required Documentation: 

  • Completed Youth Scholarship Application
  • Proof of residency-if your residency has been verified for the calendar year, no need to repeat this step. 
  • Your most recent tax return* to verify total household income for parent/guardian(s).  Alternatively, where applicable, the following may be submitted to verify income: unemployment statement, SS income statement.                                          *child/children must be listed as dependents on tax return.

Additional information/documentation may be requested.

How to apply: 

Only 1 (one) application is required per family (Household) per calendar year.

STEP 1: Sign in to your Webtrac account and upload your proof of residency AND your most recent tax return.  If your residency has already been verified for the year, just upload your tax documents and move to STEP 2.Sign in Button Opens in new window

STEP 2:  Complete and submit your online Youth Scholarship Application.*

Scholarship Applications must be submitted and approved prior to applying for activities.  

Apply Now Button Opens in new window

*Alternatively, you may submit the completed Youth Scholarship Application (PDF) with the required documentation to the Department via Email, in person or via mail to: 

Greenwich Town Hall

Department of Parks and Recreation-2nd Floor

101 Field Point Road

Greenwich, CT 06830

Attn: Youth Scholarship

Approval Process:

Once the scholarship is approved, you will receive a scholarship award letter via email which will inform you of your funding status.   You will be eligible for a percentage discount of activity fees up to 75% for your dependent children for the remainder of the calendar year. Each child may be eligible to participate in one activity/section per season. Scholarship funds will not be applicable for activities registered and paid for prior to activity scholarship approval.  The Director of Parks and Recreation reserves the right to adjust the % discount of activity fees awarded and/or set household limits at any time based on demand and available funds.

How to Register for Activities After Scholarship Award:

Once you receive your scholarship award letter, you may apply for available activities. You must electronically complete the PDF version of the activity registration forms and upload them via the link provided in your award letter.  It is strongly advised that activity registrations are submitted a minimum of  3 weeks prior to the activity start date (but not prior to registration opening). Incomplete applications will be returned.  Processing times will vary.

Additional Information:

Applicants may also be eligible for the necessary sports equipment for the activity in which they are applying, based on eligibility and available funds.   Please contact our office at 203-622-6472 regarding equipment, a minimum of two weeks in advance of the activity start date.