Holly Hill Permit


Hanging permits must be displayed at all times while in the facility

Effective date: July 1st, 2021 - June 30th, 2022  

       Please note, the annual fee is NOT prorated depending upon the time of year purchased. 


*One hanging tag per household regardless of number of cars

*If you misplace your tag you may purchase a new one for the full price of $25

*Residents have 1 month to claim a permit has not been delivered. After the one month you will be required to purchase a new one.

Applications and checks will be accepted at the Highway Department drop box. No permit will be given in exchange at time of drop off.  

Who needs a permit?

Any and all vehicles, both commercial and residential, must display a disposal permit to enter the Holly Hill Facility. 

Who can dispose of waste at Holly Hill?

All Greenwich residents and local businesses with a valid Holly Hill disposal permit which is properly displayed.  No waste generated from outside of Greenwich is allowed.

Commercial vehicles

If you have a non passenger vehicle (Trucks, pick-up trucks, vans and vehicles with trailers, etc. will be weighed at all times.) please fill out the tare weight vehicle registration form (PDF). Bring the vehicle you are registering and all proof documents, then drive ON the scale. 

What if you are using a company not based in Town to dispose of material for you?

You will need to provide the company with a Verification of Owner Form (PDF) completed and signed by you that verifies the material they are bringing into the Transfer Station is from a Greenwich property. You will need to supply a signed form for each load. 

What can I dispose of at Holly Hill?

Click here for items that are accepted at Holly Hill. 

click here  for  Holly Hill Permit Application (for Mail in with check)