Pemberwick Road Retaining Wall & Guiderail



Project Overview:

Sections of retaining wall supporting the southbound lane of Pemberwick Road (between Comly Avenue and Halock Drive) were found to be in poor condition and require reconstruction. Upon further inspection, guiderails in this vicinity were determined to be out of compliance with current codes also requiring replacement. Construction plans prepared by GM2 Associates, Inc. propose the construction of cast-in-place concrete retaining walls and the installation of code-compliant guiderails.

During construction of the proposed improvements, vehicular and pedestrian traffic in both directions will be detoured. The construction period is anticipated to be two (2) months. 

Anticipated Construction Date:

Summer 2021

Project Document:

Site Plan

Traffic Detour Plan (approved by the Board of Selectmen on April 23, 2020)

Contact:    Juan P. Paredes, PE., Civil Engineer II, DPW – Engineering Division


Phone:    203-622-3731