Sewer Permit

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The Sewer Division of the Department of Public Works issues a permit for sewer work. 

Permit Application Instructions

Fill out the following application on screen by clicking and typing in each field. The completed application should be submitted to or it may be mailed to:

Sewer Division at Town Hall
101 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06836-2540

Application Process

View a print version of the Application Process (PDF).

  1. Submit Application for Sewer Permit form (PDF). Before a sewer permit is issued, the completed Application for Sewer Permit must go out for review and approval. Note: Sewer permits for repair or cap/disconnect can be issued without the review process. For applications that go out for review the sewer permit fee is not submitted until application is approved. For applications that do not go out for review payment is submitted with the application form - for the sewer permit fee call 622-7760.
  2. The top half of the application form must be completed by the applicant/homeowner/contractor. A sewer drawing/plan of the proposed sewer work must be submitted with the Application form. Note: Application for cap/disconnect Sewer Permit can be submitted without sewer drawings/plans.
  3. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to thoroughly research any and all sewer easements as they pertain to the subject property. Sewer easements must be shown on the submitted drawings/plans.
  4. The review process for sewer permit applications takes approximately 4 weeks/20 working days, maybe less. You are notified as soon as the review process is complete. The applications are reviewed by the Sewer Inspector and then the Maintenance Manager or Wastewater Division Manager.
  5. When the application comes back from review, the contact person indicated on the application form will be notified by phone of the results and the sewer permit fee.
  6. If the application is denied you will be told why and how to re-apply.
  7. If the application is approved, you will be notified of any conditions, outstanding documentation (electrical permit, plumbers information, etc.) required, and what the sewer permit fee is.
  8. When payment and any required documentation (electrical application, plumbers information, etc.) is received, the sewer permit can be typed up and might take 2 days.


  • Applications expire one year from date of review decision.
  • Sewer permits are non-transferable. They are only valid for the homeowner they are issued for and who paid for the sewer permit.
  • Sewer permits will not be issued without a plumber’s name and license. A P1 or P7 license is required.
  • Sewer permits are only valid for the plans submitted and approved. Any change in the plans must be submitted for review and approval by the Sewer Division.
  • New sewer lines/laterals must be six inches.
  • A two-family house (side by side units) must have two separate sewer lines/laterals and they must stay at least five feet apart from each other.
  • A Sewer Permit for cap/disconnect must be issued, inspected and approved by the Sewer Inspector before a Building Permit for demolition can be issued.
  • When reconnecting to the sewer, a Sewer Final for cap/disconnect must already be issued before the Sewer Application for reconnect can be reviewed.
  • If you are digging in to the shoulder of the road or roadway you must obtain a separate road opening permit from the Highway Division (Call the Highway Division at 203-622-7766).
  • Sewer Finals for Sewer Permits are sent to the Building Division.
  • If you will be installing a pump to connect to the sewer, you must show proof you have an Electrical Permit from the Building Division prior to receiving your Sewer Permit. Sewer Finals will not be issued without proof that Electrical Certificate of Compliance is issued from the Building Division.
  • To schedule your Sewer Inspection please notify the Sewer Inspector at 203-622-0963, ext. 5, at least 48 hours in advance. Please place calls between 7 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. When calling in, the following information must be given: Sewer Permit number, property location, owner’s name, Plumber or Contractor’s name, and Caller’s name and phone number. No sewer line is to be backfilled until all the sewer work is inspected by the Sewer Inspector. This also pertains to sewer line repairs.
  • Sewer Permits expire two years from date of issuance. Sewer work and Sewer Permit Conditions must be completed and a Sewer Final issued before the Sewer Permit expires. If this is not done the Sewer Permit will be voided and a new Sewer Permit must be obtained.
  • Televise (TV) sewer lateral with the Sewer Inspector, 203-622-0963 ext. 5, present during the TVing to determine the condition of the existing sewer lateral. Make a DVD of this inspection. Submit a copy of the DVD to the Sewer Division. DVD Video must be done using a self-leveling camera, include footage counter, and the image quality must be clear. Failure to have the Sewer Inspector present during the TVing will result in the Sewer Division not accepting the DVD. Note: VHS format and flashdrives are not accepted. Only DVDs are accepted. Make a copy of the DVD for your records. The Town will not return DVDs. The Town can not make copies of DVDs. DVD review process takes approximately 2-4 weeks; then the property owner must agree to the DVD review findings. If lateral is in poor condition and being reused, must replace the lateral to the Sewer Main. If lateral is in poor condition and not being reused, must cap existing lateral back to the Sewer Main.
  • All sewer repair permits require a CCTV inspection of the sanitary sewer lateral from the structure to the Town sewer main. An emergency sewer repair can be issued, but the applicant will need to complete the CCTV inspection process prior to obtaining a Sewer Final for the Sewer Repair Permit. 
  • All sewer permits for connection, except for disconnect and repair permits, must submit site plans that show both the proposed sanitary sewer work and all storm drainage work, any permeable pavement, cultec, etc. Submit these site plans with the sewer application submittal (PDF). Sewer application submittals that are missing this information will result in the sewer permit application being denied.