Frontage Rd, Delavan Ave & Ritch Ave Improvements

Project Update

The project was officially completed in spring 2023.  

Project Background

The Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works devised this project after identifying an opportunity to make this area more pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly, along with incorporating traffic calming measures. This project was part of the DPW Engineering Division’s ongoing efforts to work with the State of Connecticut’s Local Transportation Capital Improvements Program. The project includes improvements to traffic conditions by redesigning lane widths, turning movements, and updating traffic signals. 

Project Highlights

  • Redesigned lane widths as a traffic-calming measure 
  • A new eight-foot-wide multi-use trail connecting to Byram Park 
  • Improved the traffic signal at the Delevan Avenue and Frontage Road intersection, and the Ritch Avenue and Byram Shore Road intersection 
  • Improved pedestrian signals 
  • Added Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalk ramps
  • Installed new granite curbing, accessible sidewalk width, and bituminous concrete sidewalk 
  • Redesiged turning movements 
  • Modified storm drain pipes and catch basins 
    Frontage Road, Byram Rd, Delavan Ave Intersections- Rendering


This project has received a Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT). The LOTCIP grant will fund 100% of all construction costs. 

Project Documents


Sean T. Cardwell, Civil Engineer
DPW- Engineering Division
Phone 203-618-7675