Affordable Housing Units (CT Gen. Statute 8-30g)

What is Section 8-30g?

Since 1989, Section 8-30g of the Connecticut General Statutes, the “Connecticut Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure,” has promoted the development of low-cost housing with long-term affordability protections. 8-30g includes an appeals procedure to override local zoning denials of affordable housing proposals without just cause: 8-30g ensures that municipalities cannot deny an affordable housing proposal unless there is a specific significant health or safety concern. The burden of proof for this concern is placed on the municipality. If the State Department of Housing has designated at least 10% of a community’s housing stock is as “affordable,” that community is exempt from the appeals requirement. 

Please find more information on Connecticut General Statute 8-30g on the State of Connecticut’s website:

Affordable Housing Unit (CGS 8-30g) Income Limits: 

CGS 8-30g Income Limits and Rental Limits are calculated using the State’s Annual Median Salary which is currently $102,600 according to the HUD website.

There are two types of affordable units in the set-aside developments in Town, 60% units and 80% units.  These units are deed restricted to households earning 80% or 60% of State Median Income or Area Median Income whichever is lower.  The calculations are adjusted for family size.  Please find the 2021 Income Limits and Rental Limits here.

How to apply for an 8-30g Affordable unit:

Application - 8-30g Affordable Unit for Rent

Application - 8-30g Affordable Unit for Sale