Affordable Housing Programs

The current Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) shows that one of the Guiding Principles of the Town is to have and incorporate Affordable Housing.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Develop housing opportunities for the future

Residential neighborhoods are the primary building block of the Town, comprising the majority of the land use and acting as the main setting for day-to-day life of most residents. These attractive neighborhoods feature homes integrated within the natural landscape with access to a variety of parks, recreational facilities, waterfront areas, cultural amenities, shopping areas, and community gathering spaces. The Plan focuses on being an “age friendly” community, generating affordable housing that blends seamlessly into the community, and ensuring that residents have more options to age in place, with the housing of their choice and with the comforts that are important to them.

How much affordable housing does Greenwich have, as defined by the State?

Currently Greenwich meets slightly over half the State goal with 5.3% of its housing classified as affordable according to State statute.  

What is Greenwich doing to meet the State target?

Greenwich is taking a multi faceted approach to achieving the State goal. First, Greenwich Communities, the local Housing Authority, makes ongoing investments to expand its housing inventory. In addition, the Town requires that all multifamily developments over 4 units include below market price units in the new Regulations for Section 6-110. Since 1987, Greenwich has also expanded its housing diversity by allowing accessory apartments in single family zones. Please see the Regulations for Accessory Dwellings 6-99. Finally, the P&Z Affordable Housing Task Force is currently proposing an Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Further recommendations are forthcoming. 

Greenwich Affordable Housing Trust Fund:

FAQs: Approved Greenwich Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The Town of Greenwich offers two (2) types of Affordable Housing units:

  1. Moderate-Income Dwelling (MID) Units
  2. Affordable Housing Units (CT General Statue 8-30g)


  • There are no available units at this time.

Contact Information:

Crystal Berry, Housing Specialist, Planning & Zoning Department,  203-622-7894