Greenwich Ave & Elm St Intersection Improvements

Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street Intersection Improvement Project Overview:

With safety and aesthetics in mind, the Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street intersection improvement project was created in an effort to reinvigorate Greenwich Avenue an iconic shopping destination in the heart of Central Greenwich, and to ensure the best safety measures are in place for all street users -- including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and people with disabilities. 

This past June (2021) the Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street intersection improvement project was completed. As the first part of the Greenwich Avenue Streetscape project, this is the first of several proposed intersections on Greenwich Avenue. Department of Public Works has launched a new interactive website titled in hopes of receiving valuable public feedback for the Greenwich Avenue Streetscape project. The community can view renderings of each proposed intersection and provide their opinions on the project, HERE.


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Detailed Information On the Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street Intersection Improvement Project:

Aerial view of the intersection before construction
Greenwich Ave & Elm Street Intersection Current Conditions

Aerial view of intersection after construction

Elm Street and Greenwich Avenue Intersection Complete Overview Image

Safety Features:

Curb extensions -- reduces the pedestrian crossing distance by at least 40 percent.

Raised roadwa-- improves visibility between pedestrians and motorists, while slowing the speed of vehicles as they proceed through the busy intersection. 

Better illumination -- to give better illumination for pedestrians, lights were relocated closer to crosswalks.

Better accessibility -- two designated accessible parking spaces provide dedicated access to the sidewalk from the parking space, never requiring a person to go into the roadway. The new raised intersection and crosswalks makes a level pathway, making it easier for those who have disabilities to travel. Ramps are no longer needed to access the sidewalk. A dedicated spot next to the new benches was added for wheelchair users.

New intersection at Greenwich Ave. and Elm St.

For more information, click here to view the Press Release

Ribbon Cutting Takeaway
Ribbon Cutting Takeway

Project Introduction

Greenwich Avenue has long been studied for opportunities to improve streetscape, retail environment and pedestrian experience. While the ongoing Greenwich Avenue Streetscape capital project continues to gather input and establish some preliminary designs for consideration, there is an opportunity for improvements to Greenwich Avenue to take place in a focused, and potentially phased approach. The Department of Public Works, in conjunction with the First Selectman’s Office, has taken a closer look at the intersection of Greenwich Avenue and Elm Street, with a particular focus on pedestrian safety improvements and creation of new greenspace with the goal of improving the pedestrian experience and building a sense of place.

This project received Municipal Improvement approval from the Town of Greenwich Planning & Zoning Commission in November 2020.

Project Overview

Greenwich Ave Elm St Intersection Proposed People walking and Greenscape

The proposed streetscape project at the intersection of Greenwich Avenue and East/West Elm St includes many elements that focus on improving pedestrian experience and safety including the following:

  • Curb extensions (a.k.a. bump-outs) to decrease crossing distance
  • Raised intersection (including crosswalks)
  • Decorative crosswalks
  • Planting beds
  • Relocated lighting
  • Relocated drainage
  • Relocated amenities (trash receptacles, newspaper stand)
  • Replaced sidewalks
  • New bike racks and benches

Four parking spaces will be eliminated on Greenwich Avenue. This change is necessary for several reasons which are to 1) increase green space, 2) relocate accessible parking stalls, and 3) remove parking stalls that currently require vehicles to back up into the crosswalk.

Anticipated Project Timeline

  • Design – Fall/Winter 2020
  • Construction – Spring 2021
  • Duration – Approximately 8 to 12 weeks

*Note: Business access will be maintained throughout construction

Project Document Links

For additional questions or to provide comments/feedback, please email the contact listed below.

 Contact:                 Jason M. Kaufman, PE., Senior Civil Engineer
                                DPW – Engineering Division
                                Phone: 203-622-3839