Environmental Online Access

The Division can provide you with some information via email.  Please send an email to ehealth@greenwichct.org describing what environmental health information you are looking for and we will do our best to get it for you.  Below is some information we will need in order to get you what you want.

Property Searches – For information on septic systems, wells or information on violations on a property include what you are looking for.  At a minimum we will need the address of the parcel.

Building permits – If you need a sign-off on a building permit see below for the information we will typically need for the Division to sign-off on the permit.  Include the necessary items along with the sign-off sheet in your email.  You will be notified if more information is necessary otherwise the completed sign-off sheet will be emailed back to you.

  • If the residence is older than 1978 we will need an RRP form filled out and submitted along with a copy of your contractor’s individual RRP certificate.
  • Pool/Spa – The Swimming Pool Information form will need to be completed and submitted along with a site plan of where the pool/spa will be going on the parcel.  If the residence is served by a septic system a 100% Replacement Area for the septic system may need to be approved if one has not already been designated.  This may require soil testing on the property before any plans are submitted.
  • If the residence is on septic – We will need floor plans submitted for the proposed work along with a site plan showing where the work will be on the property (via email is fine).  Based on the work proposed a 100% Replacement Area may need to be designated or work may need to be done to the septic system.  In either case soil testing on the property may be necessary before any plans are submitted.  Hard copies of the septic plans need to be mailed in or dropped off at Town Hall.  Once the plans are approved the Division can sign-off on the building permit.
  • Demolition Permit – If you need a sign-off on a demolition permit we need to have received the “Asbestos Notification Form” or “Demolition Notification Form” for the structure that is required to be submitted to the State of CT Department of Health.  If the property is on septic and a new structure is proposed, we will need an approved septic plan on file for the new structure.  If no new structure is proposed, then we will need this form filled out by the property owner where indicated and submitted via email along with a copy of the demolition permit.

 License Plan Review – For change of ownership, new facility or renovation of existing facility.  We will need hard copies of the information required.  Please go to the links below based on the type of facility you are looking to open to find out what we will need.  Unfortunately we do not take electronic copies of these submissions, they will need to be mailed in or dropped off at Town Hall during office hours.

            Food Service Plan Review

            Body Care Plan Review -Hair cutting, nails, waxing, make-up, etc.

            Massage Plan Review