Greenwich Police Command Structure

The Greenwich Police Department Command Staff comprises one Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, and three Captains.  The Department's organizational structure is as follows:

Heavey_James Chief of Police

Chief James J. Heavey

The Chief of Police is the chief executive officer of the Greenwich Police Department.  The Chief reports directly to the Police Commissioner, the First Selectman of the Town of Greenwich.

dc gray Administrative & Professional  Standards  

Deputy Chief Kraig Gray

The Administrative and Professional Standards comprise the Support Services Division, General Services Division, and Parking Services.   The Support Services comprise the Training and Accreditation Section, Traffic and Marine Sections, and the Public Safety Dispatch Center.  Professional Standards and Accreditation.


MeField Services

Deputy Chief Mark E. Zuccerella

Field Services is comprised of the Patrol Division and Detective Division.  The Field Services Deputy Chief oversees the IT and Communications Section and the Department's emergency management response.  Field Services is responsible for all patrol and investigative functions performed by the Greenwich Police Department.


Slusarz_John_CaptPatrol Divison Commander

Captain John Slusarz

For information regarding the Patrol Division, please follow the link to the area of this webpage Patrol Division.

Capt Scorca_NEW.jpg

Detective Division Commander

Captain Eric Scorca

For information regarding the Detective Division, please follow the link to the area of this webpage, Detective Division.


Support Services Division Commander

Captain James Bonney

For information regarding the Support Services Division, please follow the link to the area of this webpage, Support Services Division.