Thursday: Citizen Science

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Help build an inventory of nature in Greenwich using the iNaturalist app and your curiosity!


Be a citizen scientist! Citizen scientists are regular, everyday people who volunteer to help professional scientists collect data. This helps develop a wider and richer understanding of the natural world for all of us!


Head outside any time today; keep an eye out for different wild plants and animals when you are out in your backyard or walking the dog!


Pen and paper OR Digitally using iNaturalist or Seek by iNaturalist.

Thursday - materialsThe Greenwich Conservation Commission will be using the iNaturalist app to document plants and animals found within Greenwich’s borders. Want to contribute?  Sign up for your own account with iNaturalist or use your school’s log-in:


            Password: ____________________________

Thursaday - materials SEEKNot confident in your identification skills? Try Seek by iNaturalist instead! It uses image recognition software to help ID the species in your picture. You can also learn fun facts and earn badges!

You can also take pictures and/or videos to share with the wider community!

A real-time, as complete as possible picture of all living things in our Town! PLUS a local addition to a global All Living Things inventory!

See the results here: Greenwich iNaturalist project

How to Share:

Post your favorite image on Twitter, Instagram, etc. and use the hashtag #GreenwichEarthWeek.

 The Greenwich Conservation Commission will also be using the iNaturalist app to compile data and create a more comprehensive list of the species found within Greenwich’s borders. 

Hints for iNaturalist The documentary, The Flight of the Butterflies, talks a lot about citizen science (44 minutes).