Bruce Park Driveway Bridge

Bruce Park Drive Bridge

Project Introduction

In 2013, the Bruce Park Driveway Bridge was inspected by Prime AE and found to be in Serious condition based on deterioration of the superstructure. Due to the age and poor condition, this bridge is proposed to be replaced.

In 2018, the bridge was inspected again and deterioration had progressed. Based on analysis done by Prime AE, it was suggested that the bridge be closed to vehicular traffic. In order to allow traffic during the summer months, a steel plate was installed to keep vehicle loads off of the bridge deck. The driveway is closed with gates during the winter months, as the steel plates may be slippery in freezing temperatures and trucks needed to clear snow exceed loads currently allowed to pass over the bridge.

The bridge serves a dual purpose – supporting traffic traveling on Bruce Park Driveway between the ballfields, lawn bowling green and bathroom building, and allows water to flow from Indian Harbor into the north and south ponds of Bruce Park.

The design is being completed by consulting engineers Cardinal Engineering Associates.

Project Overview

·        The Bruce Park Driveway Bridge was originally constructed in the 1930s. It has deteriorated over time and is in need of replacement.

·        Bruce Park Driveway is considered an internal park driveway and has very low average daily traffic volumes.

·    A public information meeting will be held March 23, 2020 to review the preliminary design plans and solicit feedback from the public as the project moves into the final design phase. A copy of the public notice can be found by clicking here

**3/17/2020 NOTE** This meeting has been modified to a virtual meeting.  The presentation is posted here and staff will be available via telephone and email to answer questions. 

·        The preliminary design proposes replacing the bridge with a concrete arch structure to maintain existing aesthetics. A new sidewalk is proposed on the south side of bridge to connect existing sidewalks on either side and provide continuous walkway from east side to restroom building.

·        A temporary traffic detour will be necessary during construction. The detour will be posted and will utilize Bruce Park Drive.

·        The estimated project cost is $2,000,000 and the anticipated construction funding source is 100% Town funded.  The classification of roadway is not eligible for State of Federal funding.

Bruce Park Drive Bridge 2

Anticipated Project Timeline


    Design / Permit Completion Fall 2020

  Start of Construction –  Fall 2021

Project Documents

Public Notice – Public Information Meeting 

Presentation – Public Information Meeting

Contact:  Jason M Kaufman, PE., Senior Civil Engineer
                 DPW– Engineering Division
Phone:                 203-622-3839