Tuesday: FoodPrints for the Future

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Today eat ‘lightly on the earth’ with a plant-based meal.  Measure the carbon and water footprint of a meal. Learn how to transform food scraps into compost!

Tuesday - activity

You and your children choose vegetarian dinner recipes to prepare! Try new nutritious and delicious plant-based dinners, like pasta, grain bowls, chili, quesadillas, stir-fry or curry.  Choose one based on your kitchen inventory and cook a dinner that’s good for you and the planet!  

It’s easy to measure how much less pollution and water this vegetarian meal has than a typical beef meal. Use the guide for some real world arithmetic!

Bonus! Now is the time to set up a simple home composting system, following the step-by-step guide. Reuse food “waste,” enhance soil health and create a beautiful garden.

Timing:Tuesday - timing

Today! Don’t put it off, it’s just one day. Search together based on ingredients you have on hand and have FUN cooking and composting!

Outside start planning your home composter. It’s a perfect outdoor project for the whole family. It’s easier than you think to feed the Earth!


Whatever ingredients are available to you at your home! Whatever outdoor materials are available - with parents’ permission of course!


A new delicious and nutritious dinner in the meal rotation and fun memories of cooking together to boot!  Children who are empowered to make great food choices and even to cook! 

 No more heavy, wet & smelly kitchen waste! Instead, food scraps will be converted to a rich compost to reduce food waste and feed gardens and house plants.
How to Share:

Send a pic of your meatless meal and backyard composter and tag with #GreenwichEarthWeek

Extensions:Take the World Wildlife Fund’s food waste quiz! Learn more about the impact of food systems on our Earth: https://www.worldwildlife.org/pages/take-the-food-waste-quiz
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