Monday: Artists for the Earth

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Monday, April 20, 2020

Make a personal, emotional connection with nature through art. 

Create your own up-cycled garden!

Activity:Create an up-cycled flower, butterfly, ladybug, bee or an entire garden!  Use only items that you are recycling or were considering throwing out. The only rule is no buying anything new!
Anytime today! As little as 20 minutes, or the whole day creating your garden!
Materials & 
lady bug golf ballspurple garden bulbs

Materials: Treasure Hunt! Collect items throughout your home that are to be recycled or are on their way to the trash/landfill.  

Leftover fabric pieces, bent hangers, empty paper towel rolls, torn clothes, bits of saved gift wrapping paper, empty cans, single socks, bottle caps, leftover threads, ribbons - anything! Don’t forget tape, glue, staplers, crayons, paint, and markers. 

Older students? This is for you too! Think out of the box - google a few modern artists, examples of DIY art from CDs and more - and be inspired!

Instructions:If you need help getting started with young children, check out the flower and butterfly templates on the Town website. Use printed templates to trace the form onto a piece of cardboard or poster board then decorate it with collected materials. Young children could color the printouts with crayons or markers.  You can also hand draw flowers or the entire garden. 

Resources: Check out the examples below under "Creating your own up-cycled garden" for more Artist for the Earth templates, ideas and photos of completed work!

You’ll have a lasting memento of personal expression and a flash of nature art at home to enjoy! Children can take pride in their efforts every time they are outside.
How to Share:

Display your up-cycled garden elements! Put them in your window or by your door. Another student or family might recognize Earth Week of Action Art! You can use empty glass jars, pitchers or boxes as vases. 

Online:  Snap a photo of whatever you have made or displayed and tag with: #GreenwichEarthWeek
Your garden can include rainbows,  grasses, bees, squirrels, rabbits - nature’s resiliency is her diversity! Use your imagination!

Creating your own up-cycled garden!

lady bug golf balls
reusable container flowers
tin cans upcycled
bottle top flowers
plastic solor cup flowers
upcycled metal flower
painted stepping stones
tulip flower outline
upcycled home materials flower