Wesskum Wood Road Bridge

Wesskum Wood Road Bridge

Replacement of Wesskum Wood Road Bridge (Bridge No. 056-019)

 Wesskum Bridge

Project Introduction

In the Spring of 2017, the Town’s consultant performed a routine inspection on the Bridge and gave it a Poor rating and recommended a replacement at the earliest possible time to avoid a closure or impacts to local traffic. The Town has since continued to monitor the condition of the bridge and contracted with a consultant to commence with the preliminary design of the bridge.

The existing bridge is located in Binney Park in Old Greenwich, it has an aesthetically pleasing stone masonry arch fascia. The proposed structure will have a masonry fascia with an arch to match the existing look and to flow with the park setting. The intent is to reuse the existing stone as much as possible with any additional stone approved prior to setting. The elevation of the bridge will not change.

In 2018, the Town received a commitment to fund through the State of Connecticut Local Bridge Program committing to reimburse the Town for 50% of the construction and inspection of this project.

The bridge serves three purposes – supporting traffic traveling on Wesskum Wood Road, allowing water to flow in Binney Pond Brook to the Long Island Sound and allowing users of Binney Park to access the entire site. The bridge replacement will ensure that all of these functions can continue for years to come.

Project Overview

The Wesskum Wood Road Bridge was originally constructed in 1950. It has deteriorated over time and is in immediate need of replacement.

The funding for the design portion of the project is in place and was approved in 2017. The project design proposes replacing the bridge structure with a similar structure to match the existing. The roadway will remain on the same horizontal and vertical alignment.

A public information meeting will be held in March of 2020, so that community feedback can be collected and be incorporated into the next phase of the design.

Funding for Construction will be requested through the Capital Budget Process for Fiscal Year 2021/2022.

The temporary traffic detour will be the most noticeable impact of this project. The detour will be posted with signage. It will utilize Sound Beach Ave and Arch Street. Local driveway access will be maintained throughout construction.

Anticipated Project Timeline

Phase I: Project Initiation and Preliminary Design

Fall 2019/Winter 2020 – Preliminary Design including Complete Structure Type Studies, Subsurface Investigation and Preliminary (30%) Design Plans

March 2020 – Public Information Meeting

April 2020 – Utility Coordination Meeting

Phase II: Final Design

May 2020 - Semi-Final (60%) Design Plans

June 2020 – Submit Required Permits (IWWA, CTDEEP, ACOE)

August 2020 – Final (90%) Design Plans

October 2020 – Final (100%) Design Plans

January 2021 – Final Specifications

March 2021 – Advertise Construction to Bid

July 2021 – Start Construction

December 2021 – Complete Construction and Final Restoration

Contact: Gabriella M. Circosta Cohee, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer

                DPW – Engineering Division

E-Mail: gcohee@greenwichct.org

Phone: 203-861-3151