Greenwich Police Receive Accreditation from the State of Connecticut

GREENWICH, CT (November 19, 2019) -The State of Connecticut PoliceOfficer Standards and Training Council (POST-C) voted and awarded the GreenwichPolice Department a certificate of compliance with Tier I status for the Connecticut Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. This was a lengthy process that took approximately two years to accomplish.

“The Greenwich police department is proud to be accredited and strives to provide high-quality service to the community. This achievement reflects on the professionalism and dedication of the police officers that serve the entire Town of Greenwich.”—Greenwich Police Chief James J. Heavey

State accreditation is a process through which law enforcement agencies demonstrate excellence in management and service delivery by complying with State AccreditationStandards. As of November 2019, only 39 of the 163 police agencies in Connecticut have achieved accreditation. The State Accreditation program demonstrates to the public that the department operates efficiently and uniformly. 

Possessing accreditation may reduce exposure to civil liability and provides excellent management and service delivery expectations for the community.  It provides recognition that the agency’s managerial and operational policies and procedures are in accordance with a body of professional standards. Accreditation assures the community that its law enforcement agency is committed to the provisions of service of the highest quality and that its policies and procedures are effective, fair, and transparent.  It also ensures that the staff is trained and functions according to established policy, procedure, and applicable law.   

The Connecticut LawEnforcement Accreditation Program consists of 322 standards achievable in three successive tiers.  The process involved a comprehensive internal review of all policies and procedures. Documentation was obtained providing proof that each standard was met. Several layers of the review were then conducted by an accreditation team of other law enforcement leaders from throughout the State.


GPD-Accreditation_Certificate-2 (00000002)