Greenwich Police Extra Duty Hiring Procedures

GreenwichPolice Extra Duty Hiring Procedures

Officers sign up for side jobs on theiroffduty time. There is no guarantee of filling thejob. However, most jobs are filled. Special Officers may sign up for jobs 24hours in advance of the start time.

The rate is $75.00 per hour with a four(4) hour minimum. Invoicing is done on a bimonthly basis.

Officers will be entitled to a minimum30minute paid meal break for side jobsthat are more than 7 hours in duration.

The Town requires a specific location tomeet the work crew if the job is in the roadway, such as an address.

If the job is roadwork related, theproper permit must be issued by the Highway Department.

If the request is for a Special Event,such as a Fair, Carnival, Race, Demonstration, or Rally, the proper permitsmust be obtained, including a Special Event permit from the Traffic Division.

The Police Department must be informedas to whether the job is traffic control or securityrelatedin nature. In relation to this, dress requests (plainclothes, uniform) must bespecifically requested.

The following is the applicableCancellation Policy. It is the responsibility of the requesting party to documentthe cancellation. Contact the Desk Sergeant to cancel any requests at 2036228007.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received More than twentyfour(24) hours prior to the scheduled start time – No Charge

Cancellations received Twentyfour(24) hours or less of the scheduled start time – Four (4) hour minimum.

If work is discontinued prior toscheduled end time of a job scheduled for more than four (4) hours - Actualnumber of hours worked or four (4) hour minimum, whichever is greater