Davis Avenue Bridge


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Davis Ave Bridge under construction with road closure

Davis Ave Bridge

Davis Avenue Bridge

Replacement of Davis Avenue Bridge (Bridge No. 05012)

Project Introduction 

In 2015, the Davis Avenue Bridge was inspected by HAKS Engineers and found to be in Fair condition. In 2017, the bridge was inspected by VBTech and again found to be in Fair condition.  In addition, the bridge geometry and striping layout is known to be Functionally Obsolete, which means it does not meet current roadway design standards. Given the age, signs of deterioration, critical nature of the bridge and roadway being built to earlier standards, the bridge is proposed for replacement.

In 2019, CTDOT provided additional analysis on the bridge structure and recommended reducing the posted load rating from 34 tons to 25 tons.

The bridge and associated causeway serve three purposes – supporting traffic traveling on Davis Avenue, retaining water in the Davis Mill Pond and allowing water to flow into Indian Harbor.  The bridge replacement will ensure that these functions can continue for years to come.

The design is being completed by consultant engineers Alfred Benesch & Company.

Project Overview

  • The Davis Avenue Bridge was originally constructed in 1934. It has deteriorated over time and is in need of replacement.
  • The bridge carries between 4,000 and 6,000 vehicles per day and serves as part of the official CTDOT diversion route for I-95.
  • A public information meeting was held June 6, 2019 to review the preliminary design plans and solicit feedback from the public as the project moves into the final design phase. Click here to download the public information meeting presentation.
  • A 2nd public information meeting was held November 19, 2019 to review the final design plans and solicit feedback from the public as the project moves into the bidding phase. Click here to download the public information meeting presentation. 
  • The preliminary design proposes replacing the bridge with prestressed concrete deck units and will maintain the existing bridge/causeway footprint
  • A temporary traffic detour will be necessary during construction. The detour will be posted with signage and local driveway access will be maintained throughout construction. The detour will utilize Arch Street, Museum Drive, Davis Avenue, Bruce Park Drive, Indian Field Road and Interstate 95. Additional details will be provided when available.
  • The estimated project cost is $4.1 M and the anticipated construction funding Source is 100% Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) Construction Funding (Grant)
    Davis Ave Bridge- pic 2

Anticipated Project Timeline

    • 2nd Public Information Meeting – Fall 2019
    • Design / Permit Completion – Spring 2020
    • Start of Phase 1 Construction – Fall 2020
      • Includes connection of existing sidewalk network to utility/pedestrian bridge built by Eversource*
    • Start of Phase 2 Construction – Spring 2021
      • Includes bridge replacement
    • Road Closure / Detour – May 2021 to September 2021
    • End of Construction – Spring 2022

      *Eversource Utility / Pedestrian Bridge construction completed Fall 2020

Project Documents

Public Notice – Public Information Meeting #1 (PDF)

June 6, 2019 Public Information Meeting #1 Presentation (PDF)

Public Notice - Public Information Meeting #2 (PDF)

November 19,2019 Public Information Meeting #2 Presentation (PDF)

April 8, 2021 - Press Release

May 5, 2021 - Detour Plan

Contact:             Jason M Kaufman, PE., Senior Civil Engineer
DPW – Engineering Division
Email:                  jkaufman@greenwichct.org
Phone:                203-622-3839