Real Estate

The following Real Estate information is available by phone with no more than five inquiries at one time:

  • Owner
  • Address
  • Parcel identification number
  • Lot size
  • Current assessment
  • Most recent transfer (volume and page)

Information Requests

Due to the number of requests for information received by the Assessor’s Office, we must restrict the amount of information available by phone. Information may be requested by email to the Assessor. Responses to requests for information by email are given within two working days.

Field Cards

Requests for copies of field cards should be addressed to the Assessor’s Office and should include $1 per field card and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The field cards are mailed out the same day the request is received. 

Requests for email copies of field cards should be addressed to the Assessor’s Office and include $1 per field card and your email address.  The field cards are emailed the same day the request is received..


State Law requires that all taxable real property be revalued once every five years. All property in Greenwich was revalued effective with the Oct. 1, 2015 Grand List year. The primary purpose of revaluation is to provide equitable assessment of all property types and classes.  The revaluation process is not intended to increase revenue, but rather to keep the fair market values current.  Greenwich’s next revaluation will be for the Oct. 1, 2020 Grand List.

Change of Assessment Notice

Assessment change notices are mailed within 10 days of the Assessor’s signing of the Grand List for properties that undergo change in use, splits, mergers, new construction, demolition or revaluation. In a non-revaluation year, notices shall be sent by the end of January. In the year of a revaluation, notices shall be sent to all property owners by the end of February.

Income & Expense Reports

All owners of properties which are leased or rented in whole or in part, including (but not limited to) residential properties containing five or more units, office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties, must file an Income and Expense Report. Please complete and return the completed form to the Assessor’s Office on or  before June 1.

Real Property Assessment Appeals

Appeals of the assessment may be made to the Board of Assessment Appeals by February 20, except when a one month extension is granted. It is recommended that property owners first speak with the Assessor’s Office before filing a formal appeal, to correct any errors or misinformation.