New Deck or Addition to Existing Deck 

You should always start with the Building Inspection Division. Depending on the type and extent of the proposed activity you will have to visit other Town departments for their review and approval. Building Inspection will provide you with a “sign-off sheet” indicating which departments are required to review and “sign-off.” 

Each applicable department will initial this “sign-off sheet” signifying their approval after they have reviewed your application. Once you obtain all the department sign-offs you will return to the Building Inspection Division to officially file your Building Permit application.

[To review each of the individual departments requirements for their review and approval, click on the department name below].

  1. Building Inspect. DPW
  2. Zoning Enfor.
  3. Health
  4. Wetlands
  5. DPW Sewer
  6. DPW Highway

Bring the completed sign-off sheet and the following back to Building Inspection to file for the Building Permit:

Two copies of structural plans indicating, footing, columns and framing members.

Two copies of a survey indicating proposed location of the deck.

Building Inspection Division application forms as follows (click here):

Owner’s notarized signature on back of form is required if owner is not filing the permit.

Workers' Comp Affidavit signed by permit applicant.

A check or cash [exact change] is required for building permit fees. Or you can pay your building permit fees with a credit card [Visa or Master Card only]. (Click here for a list of building permit fees)

If you have any questions, please contact the Building Inspection Division.

Note: All departments accept credit card payments for permit fees.