Motor Vehicle Assessments

If you own a Motor Vehicle in Connecticut on October 1 of any year, you are liable for property tax on your motor vehicle. The Assessor's Office values all vehicles at 70 percent of current market value using State recommended price guides and available market data.

Adjustments to Your Motor Vehicle Tax

A prorated credit may be processed by the Assessor's Office if the vehicle was stolen and not recovered, totally destroyed, sold or registered in another state after October 1, when written documentation is provided.

Transfer of Plates
If the vehicle is replaced by another using the same registration plates, a credit will be applied automatically to your Supplemental Tax bill for the replacement vehicle the following January.

Required Proof for Adjustment of Motor Vehicle Bills

An adjustment can be made if your vehicle was sold, totaled, junked, registered out-of-state, stolen and not recovered or donated during the assessment period.  This credit is available if you are able to provide one of the following documents to the Assessor’s office. Please note, if the car is leased this proof must come from the leasing company.  

  • Copy of the receipt given by Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles when registration and plates are returned
  • Copy of dated registration from another state
  • Copy of dated bill of sale with both buyer and seller signatures
  • Statement from insurance carrier indicating the vehicle description, and the date and reason for cancellation
  • Receipt from junkyard dealer indicating the vehicle description and the date of disposal

Unregistered or Out-of-State Registered Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles that do not have a current Connecticut registration are subject to personal property tax.  Complete the Declaration of Personal Property for Motor Vehicles and return to the Assessor's Office by November 1 annually.

Motor Vehicle Assessment Appeals

Automobile owners who wish to appeal the assessment on their vehicles must appear at the September meeting of the Board of Assessment Appeals.  Motor Vehicle assessment appeals are held every September at the Town Hall between the hours of 5pm to 7pm. No appointment is necessary.