The Assessor’s primary objective is to ensure that all taxable property located within Greenwich is assessed in accordance with CT State law, so that all assessments are fair and equitable.  To accomplish this objective, the Assessor’s Office is responsible for discovery, listing and valuation of all property within Greenwich.  This includes Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property. All property is assessed at 70 percent of fair market value.  The annual Grand List is a record of all Taxable and Tax-exempt property in Greenwich assessed as of October 1 every year.  In addition, the Assessor is responsible for reviewing and approving property tax relief programs. Credits & Benefits

Senior Property Tax Relief

Greenwich residents who are age 65 or older and meet eligibility guidelines may qualify to receive Local or State tax credits, dependent upon annual gross income.  Owners of condominiums and cooperative apartments are also eligible. Individuals are required to file every two years.  If there is a significant change in qualifying income, individuals can reapply between filing periods.  Applications are available and accepted between February 1st and May 15th.

Senior Property Tax Relief Brochure

Property Record Cards

Information provided by phone may be limited so that we may keep the phone lines available to others.  

You may request copies of field cards aka property record cards by emailing  Please include the Parcel ID for the property.  Once you receive the field card, please send payment of $1.00 per card.

Please send your check to:
Town of Greenwich
Assessor’s Office
101 Field Point Road
Greenwich, CT 06830

Requests for mailed copies of field cards should be addressed to the Assessor’s Office and must include $1.00 per field card and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Grand List Books 

Copies of Grand List books are available in hard copy, on a CD-ROM, or on a USB flash drive for $40. Copies are available for purchase by cash or check in our office or by mail ($5 shipping).


Maps are available online at the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. (GIS)

Other Sources of Real Estate Data

  • Information on zoning related matters are best addressed through the Planning and Zoning Department (P&Z).
  • Information on taxes due may be obtained in the Tax Collector’s Office (Tax Collector).  
  • All deeds and sales transactions are recorded in the Town Clerk’s Office (Town Clerk).