The Town Assessor's Office, headed by Lauren Elliott, is responsible for the equitable valuation of all real and personal property in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes at 70 percent of market value for the annual production of the Grand List. It also administers property tax exemptions within the Town.

Obtaining Information on a Property

The Assessor's Office has public access computer terminals in the office for public use. The information includes various details about the parcel ID number, size, type, year built, ownership, latest assessment and legal description. If you need information on a particular property you may call the Assessor's Office 203-622-7885. Information provided by phone may be limited so that we may keep the phone lines available to others.  Also, email to [email protected],

The general public, government agencies, elected officials, the media and firms involved with appraisal, property insurance, title insurance, law, business and education are served by the Assessor's Office and make use of the property database.

The Assessor's Office is dedicated to the continual improvement of the quality of assessment information and to being responsive to the taxpayers of Greenwich.

Assessment Change Notice

All property is assessed as of October 1st each year. Assessment change notices are sent out within ten days of the Assessor's signing of the Grand List (typically by January 31st each year) for properties that undergo change in use, splits, mergers, new construction, demolition or revaluation.

Copies of Grand List Books are available in hard copy for $40. A CD-ROM containing the Grand List data is available for $30. Copies are available for purchase by cash or check, in our office or by mail ($5 shipping).

Assessor Maps

Assessor maps are available for $1 per page. You must provide a self- addressed, stamped envelope with your request. Maps are also available at the Assessor's Office, Town Hall, first floor.

Field Cards

Requests for copies of field cards should be addressed to the Assessor's Office and must include $1 per field card and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Other Sources of Real Estate Data

Information on zoning related matters are best addressed through the Planning and Zoning Department. Information on taxes due may be obtained through the Tax Collector's Office. The most recent sale transactions are recorded in the Town Clerk's Office.

Income & Expense Reports

All owners of properties which are rented in whole or in part, including (but not limited to) residential properties containing five or more units, office, retail, industrial, and mixed-use properties, must file an Income and Expense Report.