Changes to Building Permit and Inspection Process


Starting October 18th the email will no longer be in service. To schedule an inspection you must now use our City Squared portal. 

Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works, Building Inspection Division will be implementing a new and easier way for residents to schedule inspections through the City Squared permit management system. Please see the tutorials available below to learn more about City Squared and how to navigate this online 24-hour permitting system.

What’s new? The Department of Public Works, Building Inspection Division is currently testing City Squared -- a Permit Management Software to replace its current system. This free online 24-hour permitting system will help streamline the building inspection process by allowing the public the ability to request and schedule building inspections, have real-time access to permit and inspection information, and view feedback on inspection results – all in the convenience of their own home. 

Why? A new and easier way to schedule inspections through the City Squared permit management system. As a digital platform, City Squared will provide increased transparency throughout the transaction process.  Not only is the permit process now simpler for the public but staff can perform multiple reviews concurrently, allowing for faster turnaround time. 


  1. For Those Who Need to Make a City Squared Account: How to Register & Log into City Squared
  2. For Those Who Have Already Made a City Squared Account: How to Claim a Permit & Request an Inspection on City Squared

A new way to do permits graphic

What’s in it for me? In addition to processing and managing permits, inspections, and certificates of occupancy (COs), as well as other Town agency approvals, the software has the ability for owners/contractors to:

  • Schedule inspections online
  • Access permits online to check the following: permit application status, inspection results, and permit and CO issuance conditions

How long will this take? This new software needs to seamlessly support Division operations, so the project team is vetting the software thoroughly before implementation. Making sure it is right benefits the Division, and more importantly, permit applicants and other customers. Stay tuned for further information.

How can you help? Share this information with your local contacts. Work with us to learn what new processes are rolled out as a result of this transition and how to benefit from these changes.

Updates:  As this project continues, more public updates and information will be available on this page.

You may also sign up here for “New Permit Management Process” email alerts on the Town of Greenwich website.