About the RTM

The Representative Town Meeting is the 230-member legislative body of the town, with its powers vested by the Town Charter. It has the authority to:

  • Approve all expenditures by the town over $5,000
  • Approve, reduce, and eliminate appropriations
  • Approve or reject nominations to town bodies as made by the selectmen
  • Decide whether the town shall accept federal or state funds for town projects
  • Create special committees to deal with particular subjects such as labor contracts, claims, and redistricting
  • Pass "sense of the meeting" resolutions urging that other branches of government initiate desired legislation, or expressing disapproval of actions that have been taken; act as the final planning authority on municipal improvements
  • Initiate and pass ordinances

Public Participation

All district meetings are open to the public; residents are urged to attend and thereby learn how matters affecting them are being decided, ask questions, or express opinions. District meetings are our link to town government.

It is the responsibility of the district leader to publicize district meetings and to assist any member of the public who seeks guidance at the meeting of his or her district. Many district leaders maintain an extra copy of the agenda to give to interested residents at the district meeting. Contact your district chair, a member, or the Town Clerk regarding the Call (the agenda) and to confirm the time and place of your district meeting.