Social Media Policy

The Greenwich Police Department ("Department") seeks to provide the residents of the Town of Greenwich with information it believes is necessary or newsworthy and, in some instances, necessary to release in the interest of public safety. The Department has adopted the following rules with respect to comments to its posts on the Department's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social media accounts, which are in addition to the aforementioned social media platform's community standards and incorporated into the following rules of the Department below. 

Comments or posts violating the Department's Social Media Policy will be removed. It is not the intent of the Department to provide a venue or forum for the expression and/or posting of unlimited comments, videos, or links simply for the convenience of the public.

The Department reserves the right to prohibit the following types of comments to its posts, which the Department finds are:

1) Obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive language/content or links to such material;

2) Threats of any kind, particularly toward any other user or the Greenwich Police Department and its members;

3) The advocating of criminal acts or other illegal behavior;  

4) Material that has the potential to compromise public safety or the safety of law enforcement personnel;

5) Remarks that disparage or discriminate against anyone based upon their sex, race, creed, religious views, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc.;

6) Remarks that may be considered libel, made toward any person or organization;

7) Anything that is clearly off the intended topic of discussion;

8) Information that is clearly inaccurate, unverified, and purposefully designed to mislead others;

9) Campaigning of any type, political or otherwise;

10) Links to other third-party sites or advertisements;

11) Any form of solicitation;

12) Any other language/material deemed inappropriate or offensive;

13) Content that is a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws;

14) Video, digital imagery, or photographs, except those posted by the Greenwich Police Department.

Without prior warning or notice, the Department reserves the right to block access to its Facebook pages to any user who consistently violates these rules. In addition, the Department reserves the right to remove any comment or contribution to any post to its Facebook page that is older than six (6) months from the date of its post by the Department.