Pumping Station Upgrades

Ballwood Road, Heusted Lane and Meadow Place Pumping Station Upgrades:

Work to include, but not limited to the following major items for the installation of three new submersible pump stations and electrical buildings at existing pump station sites in Greenwich,Connecticut. The major components of the work shall include:

  • Demolition of existing Ballwood, Meadow and Heusted Pumping Stations.
  • Installation of three new submersible precast concrete pump stations including wetwells valve
  • chambers, pumps, piping, emergency generator and appurtenances.
  • Installation of three new superstructures to house new electrical and instrumentation equipment for associated submersible stations.
  • Connections to existing sanitary sewers and force mains.
  • Site modifications including but not limited to grading, paving, planting and fencing.
  • Restoration of the project site to preconstruction condition or as indicated and specified.
  • Replacement of two doors at Bruce Park Pump Station.
  • Coordination, scheduling and obtaining necessary permits from the Town of Greenwich for performance of the work.

All three sites involve raising the pumping station buildings, which house all of the electrical components and controls for the pumping station, to be raised above the new FEMA flood elevations. Therefore, a good deal of effort went into designing stations that would be not only functional and long lasting, but also aesthetically pleasing to fit with their surroundings. Construction is currently underway at both Ballwood and Heusted Pumping Stations and we anticipate starting the Meadow Pumping Station work in the next few weeks.