Old Greenwich Common Force Main

Old Greenwich Common Force Main Segments 9B, 10 and11 Replacement:

Work to include, but not limited to the following major items for the installation of anew wastewater

force main in Bruce Park Avenue, Davis Avenue, the Metro-North Railroad right of way, and the

Interstate 95 right of way in Greenwich, Connecticut. The major components of the work shall include:

  • Install approximately 3,100 feet of30-inch diameter high density polyethylene force main pipe andfittings.
  • Install approximately 340 feet of 24-inchdiameter ductile iron force main pipe and fittings.
  • Install an aerial force main bridge,foundation and abutments.
  • Provide interconnecting piping, valves,and drain manhole connections.
  • Install and remove approximately 440 feetof 18-inch diameter high density polyethylene temporary force main bypass pipe and fittings.
  • Testing of the new force main.
  • Flushing of the existing force main.
  • Restoration of the project site topreconstruction condition or as indicated and specified.
  • Coordination, scheduling and obtaining necessary permits relative to construction within Connecticut Department of Transportation and Metro-North Railway Rights-of-Ways as well as obtaining permits from the Town of Greenwich for lane and/or road closures for performance of the work.

This section of what we call the Old Greenwich Common Force Main conveys wastewater from Old

Greenwich ,Riverside , and Cos Cob to a point where it can flow by gravity to the Grass Island

Wastewater Treatment Plant. It was built along this route in the 60s and is being replaced in this same

route – a tight space between the railroad and the interstate. This project is part of a Consent Order by


Trees removal was required to facilitate this work, to allow CTDOT to do drainage work in the area, and

to allow the railroad to do work on its facilities.

Construction activities are underway and will continue for approximately 1 year.