Mooring Permit Application

If you would like a new mooring in one of the Greenwich Harbors, you will need to complete a Greenwich Harbor Management Commission (GHMC) application. 

If you are a member of Belle Haven Club, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Riverside Yacht Club, or The Rocky Point Club, please apply directly through your yacht club since they are part of a managed mooring field.  

After filling out the new mooring application and including all of the necessary documents, the GHMC will review your application and add you to the mooring waitlist. 

The Harbormaster will contact you to discuss location preferences and the availability of moorings. Once the Harbor Master has approved a location, the GHMC is informed, and an approved vendor can install and/or inspect the tackle. It is the applicant’s responsibility to get a copy of the new mooring tackle invoice or inspection invoice and send it to the GHMC to complete the last requirement for their application.