Forms and Applications

Architectural Review Committee

Exterior Alternation (PDF)

Sign Awning (PDF)

Signage Application Example #1

Signage Application Example #2

Building Inspection 

Forms for the Building Inspection page are here

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Abutter Request (PDF)

Data Request (PDF)

Map Request (PDF)

Historic District Commission

Advisory Opinion (PDF)

Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

Planning & Zoning

Accessory Apartment Application (Elderly or Affordable) (PDF)

Certificate of Mailing Requirements (PDF)

Estimated Water Demand (PDF)

Extension Letter (PDF)

Floor Area Worksheet (PDF)

Site Distance Certification Standard Format (PDF)

Coastal Review

Application for Review of Coastal State Plan (PDF)

Coastal Area Management - Connecticut General Statutes (PDF)

Coastal Regulatory Agencies (PDF)

Improvement Damage Review (PDF)

Site Plan Application

Site Plan Application (PDF)

Site Plan Checklist (PDF)

Site Plan Review Process and Diagram (PDF)

Special Permit Application

Special Permit Application (PDF)

Subdivision Application Packet

Final Subdivision Application Checklist (PDF)

Preliminary & Final Subdivision Application Form (PDF) 

Preliminary Subdivision Checklist (PDF)

Subdivision Application (PDF)

Subdivision Review Process and Diagram (PDF)

Traffic Impact Evaluation Form (PDF)


Click here for Wetlands Applications & Forms.

Zoning Enforcement

Appendix of Zoning Diagrams (PDF)

Checklist for Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

Cubic Volume Calculation (PDF)

Chronological List of Amendments, 1979-Present (PDF)

FAR Worksheet (PDF)

FEMA Elevation Certificate (PDF)

Grade Plane Sample (PDF)

Generator Zoning Application (PDF)

Regulatory Index by Subject (PDF)

Schedule of Height and Bulk Regulations - Business (PDF)

Schedule of Height and Bulk Regulations - Residential (PDF)

Schedule of Uses - Business (PDF)

Schedule of Uses - Residential (PDF)

Substantial Improvement Damage Review (PDF)

Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals

Application Form and Instructions for Appeal to PZBA (PDF)