Forms and Applications

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency:

All completed permit-need determination forms, aka “greensheets,” sign-off forms should be sent electronically to Please remember to include a site plan depicting the proposed activity with the greensheet.

As a reminder, greensheet forms as well as all permit application forms and checklists can be found on the Town of Greenwich website here. Questions that do not require a greensheet or other sign-off can be made via email at between the hours of 8am and 1pm, Monday through Friday. We will gladly work with you by  email to answer questions and transmit information to the best of our ability.

All new permit submissions should be made electronically with hard copies delivered via appointment only. Applications Coordinator Peter Mangs will review the material and contact you to confirm receipt and identify any missing information. If you have any questions regarding the processes outlined above, please contact Peter Mangs at

Planning & Zoning Commission/Zoning Enforcement:

Town Hall is now closed to the public and staff until April 22, 2020. Planning and Zoning (P&Z) staff is diligently working to ensure we keep business running as smoothly as we can during this period so that you also can keep things moving. To that end, please note the following:

Building Permit Questions: If you have questions regarding a building permit, please contact the Building Department directly with these questions for the fastest response. 

Planning and Zoning Meetings: The March 24th meeting is cancelled. We are working on an enterprise Zoom system with the prospect of potentially holding the April 7th hearing, but this is still very tentative. Please check back here for updates. Applications are still being accepted. See below, "Application submissions".

Counter hours: A “virtual” counter will be staffed daily from 8AM to 4PM, which are extended hours. Initial contact with staff should be established via email using this link. From there, you can work with staff to show them plans, setup phone calls, etc. Staff will gladly work with you to answer any other questions regarding a property and will generally be able to email you documentation, aerial screenshots, etc.

Application submissions: Applications are still being accepted for all application types. To submit an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application, please e-mail Marisa Anastasio, Senior Planner at

To submit any other application type, please contact both Katie DeLuca, Director of Planning and Zoning at AND Peter Mangs, Applications Coordinator at Applications, checklists, and other information can be found on the website through this link, .

Although we are accepting digital submissions, you will be required to send in a paper copy of your application with a check to the following address. The mail will be retrieved once a week. You can expect your check to be cashed shortly thereafter.

Town Hall, Planning and Zoning Department

101 Field Point Road

Greenwich, CT 06830

Application timelines: The following is a general summary of the orders pertaining to land use that are set forth in Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7l, which supplement previous orders regarding suspension of in-person meeting requirements. See Executive Order No. 7B. For more details, please reference the provisions of the Order itself.

  1. Deadlines that may pass or expire during the public health crisis declared by Governor Lamont on March 10, 2020 may be extended by 90 days. This applies to: a) the commencement or completion of a public hearing; b) the rendering of any board or commission decision required to made within a particular time period; and c) the submission or reporting to any State agency or quasi-public agency. This 90-day extension is in addition to the extensions already allowed by statute. For example, a decision that has a 65-day total extension period now has a 155-day total extension period.


Lastly: We are open to suggestions on how to improve this system to better serve our applicant’s and the public. Please freely connect with us and share your thoughts.


Patricia Sesto                                                               Katie Deluca

Director of Environmental Affairs                                 Director of Planning

Architectural Review Committee

Exterior Alteration Application (PDF)

Sign and Awning Review Application (PDF)

Signage Application Example #1

Signage Application Example #2

Building Inspection 

Forms for the Building Inspection page are here

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Abutter Request (PDF)

Data Request (PDF)

Map Request (PDF)

Records Request (PDF)

Historic District Commission

Advisory Opinion (PDF)

Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

Planning & Zoning

Site Plan Applications and Forms

Site Plan Application - Commission Items and Special Permits (PDF)

Site Plan Administrative Form - Administrative Application (PDF)

Site Plan Administrative Form - Coastal Area Management (CAM) Application (PDF)

Extension Letter for Site Plans / BZR / Rezoning / Special Permits (PDF)

Municipal Improvement Application (PDF)

Outdoor Dining Permit Renewal Application (PDF)

Petition for Street Name Change (PDF)

Special Events and Tent Review Application (PDF)

Street Number Application (PDF)

Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Application - On Private Land (PDF)

Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Application - On Public Land (PDF)

Zone Change Procedure (PDF)

Scenic Road Form

Scenic Road Designation (PDF)

Subdivision Forms

Subdivision Application (PDF)

Extension Letter for Subdivision Applications (PDF)

Housing Applications

Affordable Accessory Apartment Application (PDF)

Affordable 8-30g Unit Application (RENTAL) (PDF)

Affordable 8-30g Unit Application (SALE) (PDF)

Elderly Accessory Apartment Application (PDF)

MID 6-110 Unit Application (RENTAL) (PDF)

MID 6-110 Unit Application (SALE) (PDF)

Coastal Review Resources

Application for Review of Coastal State Plan (PDF)

Coastal Area Management - Connecticut General Statutes (PDF)

Coastal Regulatory Agencies (PDF)

Improvement Damage Review (PDF)

Other Resources

Estimated Water Demand (PDF)

2020 Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule (PDF)

Site Distance Certification Standard Format (PDF)

Traffic Impact Evaluation Form (PDF)


Click here for Wetlands Applications & Forms.

Zoning Enforcement

Appendix of Zoning Diagrams (PDF)

Checklist for Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

Cubic Volume Calculation (PDF)

Chronological List of Amendments, 1979-Present (PDF)

Floor Area Ratio (aka FAR) Worksheet (PDF))

FEMA Elevation Certificate (PDF)

Grade Plane Sample (PDF)

Generator Zoning Application (PDF)

Regulatory Index by Subject (PDF)

Schedule of Height and Bulk Regulations - Business (PDF)

Schedule of Height and Bulk Regulations - Residential (PDF)

Schedule of Uses - Business (PDF)

Schedule of Uses - Residential (PDF)

Substantial Improvement Damage Review (PDF)

Zoning Permit Application (PDF)

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals

Affidavit of Notification of Appeal (PDF)

Application Form and Instructions for Appeal to PZBA (PDF)

Zoning Permit Application (PDF)